We are growing. Vue Group is developing a multi-million dollar soundstage, animation/VFX studio, training studios, digital production/postproduction offices, plus a hotel, hospitality, commercial, gallery and residential complex in Western Australia’s favourite production location - the South West. Located in Western Australia’s rapidly growing 2nd city Bunbury, the business centre of the South West, on the Indian Ocean coast where there is a Mediterranean climate favourable for production and proximity to a diversity of locations and Western Australia’s state capital Perth.

我们正不断成长。Vue Group目前正致力于打造一座耗资百万、集影棚、动画/视觉特效工作室、培训工作室、数字制作/后期制作办公室,及酒店、娱乐服务、商务、画廊和居住场所于一体的综合性建筑设施,此建筑设施将位于西澳州最受欢迎的制作地区——位于印度洋沿岸的西南部。此地区拥有适宜拍摄的温和地中海气候,并靠近西澳州首府珀斯及本州多种拍摄景地。

Preliminary concept of proposed multi use building.