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Vue Group is an international production company based in Western Australia’s South West and Melbourne. Founded in 1989 by Alan Lindsay and Helen Clucas, the company creates feature films, television and Internet drama, animation, documentary and large format themed 4D cinema.

Vue Group是一家位于西澳州西南部和墨尔本的国际制片公司,公司于1989年由Alan LindsayHelen Clucas共同创立。公司致力于拍摄制作故事片、电视剧、网络剧、动画、纪录片以及大型主题4D影片。

China is a special focus for us. Our mission is to be valuable strategic collaborators with China’s innovative producers building strong brands and international recognition. Our production facility is strategically positioned in Australia’s South West within the same timezone as China. Managing Director Alan Lindsay is in Shanghai and Beijing every few weeks engaged in projects with our established joint ventures and building new relationships with private companies and government agencies who appreciate our experience, access to funding and our respect for the China industry and its creativity. Engagement with China has earned Vue Group Western Australia’s top Creative Industries Export Award.

我们特别聚焦于中国市场。我们定位于与中国具有创新精神的制作人建立深具价值的战略合作伙伴关系,以打造超强品牌及国际知名度。我们的制作中心也由此选址为澳大利亚西南部,以求与中国同时区。总经理 Alan Lindsay先生每隔几周即造访上海和北京,与已建立的合资公司商讨项目,或与私人公司或政府部门建立新的合作关系。当地政府部门亦看中我们的经验、可获得政府财政资助的能力以及我们对于中国创意产业的尊重。与中国的商务合作为Vue Group赢得了西澳州创意产业出口大奖。

We are experienced co-production partners. Recent production includes 2 animated movie joint ventures with Shanghai Hippo Kung Fu Style and Farm House 81: Perfect Friends plus we provided Australian production for the Palm d’Or nominated drama Mountains May Depart by celebrated Director Jia Zhangke.


Right now we are in production on a (soon to be formally announced) arts documentary for cinema release that will be filmed over 18 months in Western Australia and China. We are in coproduction with Oscar winning UK production company Bedlam to bring the Rabbia Siddique book Equal Justice to screen. We are in joint venture for a unique 4D cinema experience across multiple screens for a new China cultural centre. Plus, our slate has drama and animated co-productions with France, China and the US in advanced development.

现时,我们正忙于筹备一部将于影院发行的艺术纪录片(关于影片情况稍后将会正式公布),此纪录片将于未来18个月内于西澳州和中国拍摄。与此同时,我们亦忙于与奥斯卡获奖之英国制作公司 Bedlam合作,筹划将Rabbia Siddique的作品《司法公正》搬上大银幕。同时,我们亦着手一项合资项目,拟为中国一座新文化中心打造多屏幕独特4D影院体验。另外,我们的新片计划还包括与法国、中国和美国多部故事片与动画片的合作项目,这些项目都已处于成熟开发阶段。

Our leverage is a depth of creative, production and financing experience and our commitment to innovation. We reinvented Vue Group 6 years ago, creating a boutique production company that welcomes the changes revolutionising the movie production industry. We have a private gigabyte internet and software system for collaboration, file transfer and realtime studio integration for production, animation and visual effects to allow us to scale up rapidly on demand.

我们的优势为深具创意、制作和融资经验以及我们对于创新的不断追求。我们于6年前重组Vue Group创立了这家小型制作公司,欣然接受变革电影制片工业的诸多改变。我们拥有私人千兆字节网络以及配套软件系统,使制作、动画及视觉特效所需的合作、文件传输和实时工作室整合成为可能,同时亦使我们可依据需求,快速扩张规模。

We are growing. Vue Group is developing a multi-million dollar soundstage, animation/VFX studio, training studios, digital production/postproduction offices, plus a hotel, hospitality, commercial, gallery and residential complex in Western Australia’s favourite production location - the South West. Located in Western Australia’s rapidly growing 2nd city Bunbury, the business centre of the South West, on the Indian Ocean coast where there is a Mediterranean climate favourable for production and proximity to a diversity of locations and Western Australia’s state capital Perth.

我们正不断成长。Vue Group目前正致力于打造一座耗资百万、集影棚、动画/视觉特效工作室、培训工作室、数字制作/后期制作办公室,及酒店、娱乐服务、商务、画廊和居住场所于一体的综合性建筑设施,此建筑设施将位于西澳州最受欢迎的制作地区——位于印度洋沿岸的西南部。此地区拥有适宜拍摄的温和地中海气候,并靠近西澳州首府珀斯及本州多种拍摄景地。